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Re: Deinochyus and Einosaurus information

--- lmeeks1977@comcast.net wrote:
> Hi All, 
> I am not sure if this went through last time but I was wondering if anyone
> had any links or other types of direction for research on both Deinochyus and
> Einosaurus.



> Very different types of animals I know but I want to learn more
> about the anatomy and behavior known for each animal and the habitat these
> animals were found in.  Finally, if there is any evidence that Deinochyus
> hunted Einosaurus or cerotopsians in general, that would be very helpful. 

_Deinonychus_ is from the Aptian-Albian (Early Cretaceous); _Einiosaurus_ is
Campanian (Late Cretaceous). That's about a 30-million-year difference.

I don't think there's any ceratopsian material from the same locality as
definite _Deinonychus_ material, but in the Arundel Formation of Maryland there
are dromaeosaurid teeth, which may belong to _Deinonychus_, and neoceratopsian
teeth. That time period may be too early for true ceratopsids.

_Deinonychus_ is often depicted attacking _Tenontosaurus_, since multiple
_Deinonychus_ specimens have been found with a _Tenontosaurus_ specimen. The
find has often been cited as potential evidence of pack behavior, but they may
simply have been scavenging, or the bones may just have ended up in the same 

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