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Re: Dinosaur Has 950 Word Vocabulary

> And Arnold Shwart.. Svarts.. you know, that Californian politician!

Schwarzenegger. SHVAAH-tsn-eg-guh, sort of. :o)

Concerning the selenium... yes, the stuff is toxic, but is it certain that
it wasn't introduced by groundwater during diagenesis?

Concerning the current flood of viruses... modern worms spoof, they take any
addresses from an infected computer's address books and put them in the To:
line as well as in the From: line. I've got more undeliverable messages
today, which were supposedly from me, than I got actual worms. This computer
has an active virus scanner, so I'm pretty certain it isn't infected itself.
        (I've also got spam "from myself", worth tens of millions of US$.)