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Martin and furcular homology

Howdy folks. I dont have access to the archives of JVP, so I thought i'd 
bring it up here.

According to Padian, Martin et al (1998) argued that the hypocleideum was a 
seperate ossification that they identified with an interclavicle. Because 
interclavicles are unknown in dinosaurs, the furculae must be non-homologous.

Oddly, Feduccia & Martin (1998), in response to that paper by Norell et al, 
suggested that the Velociraptor furcula *was* homologous with the interclavicle.

Now, im no fan of Martin's work on avian origins, but surely he cannot be 
saying that, on the one hand, that the furculae are non-homologous because 
theropods lack interclavicles, and on the other, that they're non-homologous 
they do!

Is Martin just sinking deeper, or am I missing something?