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DINOSAURNEWS - Hatching the Past * Gigantism among Theropods * Dino in Legal Dispute * Augie Professor's Discoveries * Bigger Digs

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

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**  Not Dino's But:  Millipede on beach is earliest land animal
The creature lived 420 million years ago, 20 million years before anything
previously found on land

**  Becoming Behemoth
Evolutionary biologists have long pondered the factors that might have led
to gigantism among theropods, the bipedal and mostly carnivorous dinosaurs

**  After decades of acrimony and debate it's official: Birds are dinosaurs
"As we predicted, the morphology of the dinosaurs looks like birds and there
were behavioural similarities between dinosaurs and birds," he said

**  Augie professor discovers second dinosaur
Bill Hammer held two rocks, one in each hand, in his sunny office on the
Rock Island campus of Augustana College


**  Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs, Nests and Young
Stunning photographs of some of the world's most renowned dinosaur hunters
and their discoveries show sauropod nesting grounds in Argentina and the
famous "Egg Mountain" in Montana

**  Bigger digs for T-rex Sue
Even partially assembled, she was so big and imposing that they decided to
relocate her at the last minute from a theatre room to Dinosaur Hall, where
other dinosaur replicas are on display

**  Tyrrell scientists to reveal latest findings
Six Royal Tyrrell Museum scientists will present their latest research
findings to the public as part of an upcoming Research Day at the famed

**  Drumheller dino in legal dispute
The world's largest dinosaur is ailing and its caretakers have filed a
lawsuit in hopes of saving its fading, leaking skin

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