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Iguanodon species

Good day everybody :-)
This may be the most laborious question I've ever asked (just wait, I haven't researched _Megalosaurus_ yet.) My question(s) concern(s) the many (MANY) species attributed to _Iguanodon_, and their individual etymology. This is the info I have, feel free to correct it, or give me a thumbs up (e-mail wise) if everything is kosher:

Iguanodon (i-GWAHN-uh-DON) "Iguana tooth" [Mantell, 1825]
Type Species:
I. bernissartensis (bur-niss-ar-TEN-sis) "from Bernissart (Belgium)" [Boulenger vide van Beneden, 1881]
additional species:
I. anglicus (ANG-gleh-kus) "English" [Holl emend. Bronn, 1850]
I. atherfieldensis (a-thur-feel-DEN-sis) "from Atherfield" [Hooley, 1924 (or 25?)]
I. dawsoni (DAW-sun-IE) "(Charles?) Dawson's" [Lydekker, 1888]
I. fittoni (FIT-uh-NIE?) "Honoring someone named Fitton (who?)" [Lydekker, 1889]
I. hoggi (hog-IE) "Honoring someone named Hogg (who?)" [Owen, 1874]
I. lakotaensis (lah-koe-tah-EN-sis) "from Lakota (formation, S. Dakota)" [Weishampel & Bjork, 1989]
I. ottingeri (?) "(Lin) Ottinger's (discoverer)" [Galton & Jansen, 1979]

The ? are places where I was unable to find the appropriate information. Example, several searches involving every possible combination of Hogg, Owen, Iguanodon & Dinosaurs came up nil. The same with Fitton, Lydekker, Iguanodon & Dinosaur.

Other than that, my only other query would ask if I overlooked any other species. I assume the rest have all been reevaluated as synonyms of the above species or other genera. I know I. hilli is said to be Hadrosaurian in origin, but is that a definite, or just a possibility?

Any help would be most graciously appreciated.
My deepest thanks,
Tommy Bradley :-)

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