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Re: Iguanodon species

> > Iguanodon (i-GWAHN-uh-DON) "Iguana tooth" [Mantell, 1825]
> > Type Species:
> > I. bernissartensis (bur-niss-ar-TEN-sis) "from Bernissart (Belgium)"
> > [Boulenger vide van Beneden, 1881]
> of this I'm doubtful, where is I.mantelli (he should be the type species,
> no?) and he's not even on this list.

*I. mantelli* is a junior synonym of *I. anglicus*, which in turn is a nomen
dubium, so that recently *I. bernissartensis* has been made the neotype.

Bernissart is French, which means that the e is like in "bed", and that the
t is silent.

> > I. lakotaensis (lah-koe-tah-EN-sis) "from Lakota (formation, S. Dakota)"
> > [Weishampel & Bjork, 1989]

Certainly not Björk?