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Re: Martin and furcular homology

John Pourtless wrote-

> Not that I am aware of.  Last I knew he is still advocating his croc/bird
> nexus as strongly as ever, with Lianhai Hou as his new star pupil.

As of October 2002, he was a MANIAC (Maniraptorans Are Not In Actuality

Seems he officially believes that maniraptorans are birds, but that other
coelurosaurs are unrelated.  He terms this the "Paulian hypothesis", though
it's only similar in thinking of maniraptorans as 2F and preferring the
arboreal origin.  In his mind, maniraptorans and other birds evolved from a
Longisquama-like creature.  And like Czerkas believes, some taxa (eg.
Scansoriopteryx) are just too hard to place as birds or dinosaurs until a
more in depth study is completed.

Mickey Mortimer