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Re: Flightless bat? Flightless pterosaur?

Jaime A. Headden wrote:
> in fact,
> holding of the humerus horizontally and to some degree with the elbow more
> vertical than the shoulder should force the wing finger to express a
> length greater than that of the elbow+radius+carpus+wing-metacarpal, which
> *Q.* expressed naturally (as Jim Cunningham) has expressed [and hopes to
> do so futher in publication---hurry that up, Jim!].

I don't remember saying this.  Don't remember not saying it either...

The statement above is not phrased in a way that the meaning is
immediately apparent to me.

I can open one of my AutoCad drawings, take some measurements from the
wing, and express a quantified opinion on relative lengths if anyone

I do remember off the top of my head, that in Qn as compared to Qsp, the
humerus is about 2.14 times longer, the r/u about 1.95 times, the
carpals about 3.5 times, the metacarpal ratio escapes me at the moment,
and the phalanges are about 2.47 times longer. This makes up a wingspan
that is about 2.28 times longer, all told.  The chord appears to
increase by a factor of about 2.06, so that Qn has a slightly higher
aspect ratio than Qsp.