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Re: Long, long last gasp. (fwd)

> perhaps suggesting that predator avoidance isn't the main reason
> why bats are largely nocturnal. I suspect niche partitioning; perhaps
> birds are better at catching the same types of prey as bats do, so bats
> avoid direct competition by hunting at night.

What about the following:
Vision is more acute and less costly than echolocation. Therefore birds have
an advantage (because all mammals have reduced eyesight), and use it to
competitively exclude bats from getting diurnal. But when it's dark, vision
is considerably less acute than echolocation, and bats will evolve good
echolocation faster because mammal ears are better equipped for hearing
extremely high frequences.

(On the other hand, birds have much better resolution of pitch and time.
Bird chirps are said to turn into melodies when played 4 x slower than