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Re: Long, long last gasp. (fwd)

From: "Dann Pigdon"
> Some of the smaller raptors (kites, etc) will prey on bats. In fact, in
> some places they circle around the exits of bat caves around dusk, to
> take advantage of the time when there is enough light for them to hunt
> by, but not so much that bats don't feel comfortable leaving the cave.

Some raptors, e.g. buzzards, occasionally prey on bats in the evening, as
soon as there's enough light. Some years ago, as my father was preparing to
leave the banks of a river after having been fishing till late at the
evening, here in South Belgium, he was watching a bat catching insect over
the river. Suddenly a buzzard swiftly came and caught the bat in its claws.

Cheers - Luc J. BAILLY.