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New paper, cheap(er) book

A couple of news items

New pterosaur paper: 

Dong, Zhi-ming, Sun Yue-wu and Wu, Shao-yuan. 2003. On a new pterosaur from the 
Lower Cretaceous of Chaoyang Basin, Western Liaoning, China. Global Geology, 22 
(1), 1-7. 

Reports on a new pterodactyloid from the Jiufotang Formation of Liaoning, 
Jidapterus edentus. Although not assigned to any particular family the 
proportions of the postcranial skeleton and many of the anatomical features 
very similar to those of Sinopterus, consequently Jidapterus would appear to be 
tapejarid. Whether it can be distinguished from other Liaoning tapejarids is 

Cheap(er) book:

The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia by Benton et al. (CUP), currently 
retails for 150 USD new (and worth every cent). A soft back version has just 
issued by CUP and is available from Amazon, etc. at 75 USD. The quality of some 
of the black and white photos is not up to that in the hard back but, hey, you 
just saved 75 USD!

Jolly good show,