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Re: Pterosaur endothermy

Note that I don't argue that pterosaurs are exothermic, only that for
the most part endothermy isn't required by their flight technique. 
Though I don't care which way the issue finally settles out, I don't
think it is resolved yet.  And I always like to see more than one
viewpoint expressed on any issue which still remains ambiguous.  Makes
for good, illuminating discussion.  Speaking of that -- Really good
point about Anurognathids.  I haven't looked at the energetics of
Ramphorhynchus skimming and don't know how much energy they would
require.  Perhaps you or Matt could give that a look, if you haven't
P.S.  For those who aren't aware of which issues that DaveU and I agree
on, and on which we differ; keep in mind that generally, my comments
tend to be biased by my thoughts on planform, which implies a higher
aspect ratio and a higher wingloading than Dave's preferred planform.  

h0662eka@rz.hu-berlin.de wrote:
> Pterosaur endothermy
> Regarding the recent comments on the list concerning pterosaur endothermy, it
> does seem to me that aerial insectivory, as pursued by anurognathids, or 
> surface
> skimming, as conducted by Rhamphorhynchus, at least, would have required a
> substantial amount of flapping flight. Unfortunately, I do not have the 
> relevant
> literature to hand, but from what I recall, such an activity just could not be
> sustained by the physiology typical of modern reptiles.