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Re: Flightless bat? Flightless pterosaur?

Note that this makes the implicit assumption that the wings are strongly
bound to the hindlimbs.  Not everyone buys into that scenario for all
pterosaurs.  Keep in mind the 40%-50% humerus length ratio for trailing
edge location at the elbow in preserved membranes.  Are horses, dogs,
and cheetahs less adept at ground locomotion than bipedal birds?  And
note that, no I'm not trying to say that pterosaurs could run like any
of those three mammals. Only that quadrupedality itself does not imply
limited terrestrial ability.

HPB1956@aol.com wrote:
Bredow quote:
> However, the close coupling of both sets
> of limbs into both modes of movement hindered these quadrupeds from becoming 
> as
> adept at ground locomotion as bipedal birds. The close links between the fore-
> limbs and hindlimbs also complicates the modification of either set for new
> purposes.