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Re: Steadman's review of Mesozoic Birds

Tim Williams wrote:

"As for the birds-are-dinosaurs debate, this has to be one of the most
lopsided debates in the history of science.  The notion that birds and
maniraptorans are not really theropods, but a separate lineage that evolved
independently from other theropods, is utterly bewildering.  Mickey is
right: this does have an air of desperation to it."

I also could sense the desperation of that idea.It was one of the things
that ultimately made a believer out of me of the theropod dinosaur origin of
I had been unavare that there were acronyms for each side of the
bird/dinosaur debate,(ABSRD,which apparently has become MANIAC,and BAD)It
would seem that I was once a member of ABSRD,but rather than change to
MANIAC,I have sided with BAD.

John Bridgman