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Titanosaur questions

Dear list,

I'm trying to demonstrate that the species _Antarctosaurus wichmannianus_
(at least the titanosaur part!),
_Argyrosaurus superbus_, _Laplatasaurus araukanicus_ and _Neuquensaurus
australis_ couldn't have lived together
in the same locality.
I think A. superbus is removable from the above list, because collectively
the data indicate the Bajo Barreal Fm. is
middle Cenomanian-early Coniacian in age (Lamanna et al., 1999), clearly
older than the units that have yielded the remains
of the other three (Campanian-Maastrichtian).
Do you think there is any ecological restriction to have herds of 3 or 4 big
herbivorours species in the same place?
Or another chronological restriction?
Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Maybe a list of the ocurrences of
the 4 species will be useful (I managed to make one, but I think is far from
complete). Sorry for those non-sauropod lovers :-)

Many thanks in advance,

Matías Soto