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New Refs

Hy to all the ListMembers, In the Vol.38(1) 2004 of "Paleontological
Journal" there're two new articles about Dinosaurs:
1) T.A. Tumanova Yu L. Bolotsky, and Alifanov V.R. 2004 The first finds of
Armored Dinosaurs in the Upper Cretaceous of Russia (Amur Region) p.73
follows the abstract:
Remains of armored dinosaurs (Thyreophora) from the Late Cretaceous, Early
Maastrichtian (Udurchukan Formation) deposits of the Kundur locality in the
Amur Region, are described. The material  includes a single osteodermal
scute of extraordinary structure and two cheek teeth. These fossils are
tentatively assigned to the family Nodosauridae (Ankylosauria) previously
unknown in Asia.
2) Averianov A.O. and Yarkov A.A. 2004 Carnivorous Dinosaurs (Saurischia,
Theropoda) from the Maastrichtian of the Volga-Don Interfluve, Russia p.78.
follow the abstract:
Isolated bones (braincase fragment, tooth, and (?) the first metacarpal) of
carnivorous Dinosaurs from the Maastrichtian in the vicinity of the
Bereslavka water reservoir (Volgograd Region) are described. The tooth may
belong to a member of Dromaeosauridae, the other bones originate from a more
primitive theropod of Ceratosauria-Megalosauridae evolutionary grade. The
emergence of primitive tetrapods in the Maastrichtian of the Lower Volga
Region and Romania could have occurred due to a general climatic cooling.

Alessandro Marisa
Via A. grandi n.18
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