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Re: Dinosaur Backyard Makeover

LA only? That's a pity. A while back, a UK makover
show did up a school, and they were given one of the
dinosaur props from Walking with Dinosaurs (I think it
was a ceratopian, I didn't actually see it but a
friend told me about it)


 --- Patti <pkv1@erols.com> wrote: > Shades of Don L! 
Not only can you make your house
> into a dino den, there's
> yet another reality makeover show that'll do  a dino
> makeover in your yard.
> I almost wish I lived in the LA area for this one. 
> I found out that HGTV
> and Screendoor Entertainment is looking to find a
> homeowner that would like
> to surprise their significant other, kids, or any
> loved one that has a
> fascination with dinosaurs with a dinosaur themed
> backyard for their show,
> "Outer Spaces". (Sorry, this is only for Los Angeles
> area residents.)
> For more details, email them at
> outerspaces@sdetv.com  -The Outer Spaces
> Team
>  - Patti Kane-Vanni
> Bala Cynwyd, PA  19004
> pkv1@erols.com or paleopatti@hotmail.com
> http://groups.msn.com/DinosaurandFossilDigs
> "Keep away from people who try to belittle your
> ambitions.  Small people
> always do that, but really great ones make you feel
> that you too, can become
> great." - Mark Twain

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