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Re: Long, long last gasp. (fwd)

Whew! My seventh e-mail today!

> >> Of course, flying foxes also have incredible eyesight...
> > Details please?
> Details? Well, they have huge protruding eyes, no echolocation, and
> manage to fly about in low-light conditions without plowing into things.
> I'm guessing their eyes are better in low-light conditions than mine -
> therefore better than most microbats. Do Google search with 'flying fox
> eyesight' and you'll get all sorts of results (even some that aren't
> anecdotal!).


Very well adapted to low-light conditions -- which includes poor or no
colour vision, and that was what I wanted to know. :-) (There is a
colour-blind microbat that nevertheless sees ultraviolet. That's why I'm
suddenly so interested.)