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Re: Dinosaur Mummies

DML folks,
I'm a friend of Nate Murphy, the currator of VP at the Museum in Malta, MT and founder of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute. I asked him for a response on the comments about Leo and this is what he had to say:
"Hi Daniel, first of all how does this person know that this is the 4th
anniversary of the discovery of Leonardo. He was discovered on July 28,
2000. And 3 of the 4 mummy hadrosaurs were discovered by Sternberg's 1908,
1910 and 1916. The last one was sunk in the north Atlantic with the Mount
Temple bound for the British Museum by a German raider. The difference
between the 4 fossil mummy specimens is that a mummy has 3 dimensional
features. Leonardo has the most 3 dimensionality of the 4 known specimens
with over 85-90% of his skeleton covered in 3D fossilized soft tissue
features such as integument, muscles, keratinous coverings, frill and now
for the first confirmed stomach contents. The other specimens referred to
are lithographic preservations. This means that they are recorded
geologically through sediments that laminate and therefore show little or
none 3 dimensionality. A team of scientist is currently working on Leonardo
and we are looking for funding to CT scan the specimen. Please feel free to
reply to this person in order to enlighten him and refer him to our website."
So there's that. If anyone is interested in more information try out the JRDI's website montanadinosaurdigs.com.