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Hi, here I am again

thanks to al those who helped me with ichthyosaurus, still a lot of
mysteries though.

This time I have some questions about Platypterygius.

first of all: I read that all cretaceous ichthyo's with one possible
exeption are PLatypterygius, who knows which ichthyo is the possible

species (I often haven't found the meaning of the names nor the etymology,
and also dates and authors often are a problem)

P.longmani (type species (I think)): Von Huene, 1822 (also unsure about
this). (longman's? flat wing)
P.americanus(orig. Myopterygius): (Nace, 1939) McGowan, 1972 (American flat
P.bannovskensis: Arkhangel'skii, 1998 (? flat wing)
P.bedengensis (orig. Plutoniosaurus): (Efimov, 1997) don't know who renamed
it nor when (? flat wing)
P.birjukovi (orig. Simbirskiasaurus): (Ochev & Efimov, 1985) same thing here
(? flat wing)
P.compylodon: ? (? flat wing)
P.hauthali: ? (? flat wing)
P.hercynicus (orig. Ichthyosaurus): ? (Scottish flat wing?)
P.kiprijanoffi (orig. Myopterygius): (Romer, 1968) ? (? flat wing)
P.platydactylus: ? (flat-fingered flat wing?)

fossilsites: (if anyone knows them more precise)

Russia (Ulyanovsk and Kursk)
Australia (Queensland)
US (Mowri Shale in eastern Wyoming)


length: 7m
weight: 5t ?

misassigned species:

P.australis (orig. Ichthyosaurus) = P.longmani
mystery species:     P.steleodon (orig. Ichthyosaurus) = ????

other names:

Myopterygius americanus & M.petersoni = P.americanus
Ichthyosaurus campylodon & Myopterygius kiprijanoffi = P.kiprijanoofi
Ichthyosaurus hercynicus = P.hercynicus
Plutoniosaurus bedengensis = P.bedengensis
Simbirskiasaurus birjukovi = P.birjukovi
mystery species:     Ichthyosaurus steleodon = ????
mystery genus:     Myobradypterygius (don't know a species) = ????

other question:

What are the differences between the valid species?

Thanks in advance