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Re: Rugops, a scavenger?

I have already been noticing all kinds of apparent misinformation in the 
press releases, and I was wondering myself why they keep referring to this 
animal as a scavenger.  It doesn't appear to have a long snout either (it's 
an abelisaur after all).

Even more interesting is that another article claimed that the holes in the 
skull could have supported a toucan-like bill!  So to tack on another 
question here, where could this idea have come from?  Just the uninformed 
but inspired media again?

Eric Hall

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Subject: Rugops, a scavenger?

> http://abcnews.go.com/wire/US/ap20040529_890.html
> According to this news article, "Sereno said Rugops probably was a 
> scavenger
> that used its long snout to pick at carrion."  Did he seriously say that?
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