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Re: Rugops

It doesn't seem to me that any carping is going on at all here, merely 
clarification on what Sereno said actually and what has been filtered 
through the media.  I find the idea of a bill-like sheath absolutely 
fascinating myself, though I do agree that a "pure scavenger" is very 
unlikely (I think you are forgetting, however, that it was apparently Sereno 
who made this suggestion, not someone on the list).

Eric Hall

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>        It always amazes me that, on the DML, there is carping against 
> Sereno
> by those who: 1) have absolutely no scholarly background in 
> ecomorphologies (a
> "pure" scavenger exists nowhere); 2) have not examined the specimens 
> Sereno
> has described. Until then, it may be a possibility that some theropods may 
> have
> supported a horny-like sheath on the tips of their snouts, although, as 
> yet,
> the actual pneumatic evidence with the premaxillary structure of several
> theropods rules this out for them.
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