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Lips and Bills

I want to start with an apology for responding to a comment that wasn't 
posted by a list member, I was aware of that rule, but was caught off guard 
and assumed it had been sent to me as part of the thread.

To the business at hand...

I had taken it for granted for some time now (probably because of Predatory 
Dinosaurs of the World and...gulp, forgive me, The Dinosaur Heresies),  that 
the foramina at the base of the tooth in theropod jaws was very firm 
evidence that the animal featuring them also had lips.  Becoming a little 
bit more familar with the terrain now, I realize that this is by no means 
everybody's opinion.

If these foramina didn't nourish lips, is it probable that they were 
supporting the "cornified rhamphotheca" we are talking about here?  What 
else would they be?

Eric Hall