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Re: New at the Chas.R.Knight Website

Dear Dan and List,

    I was invited to the open house launch of the Charles R. Knight
traveling exibit, on February 6th, at the Mesa Southwest Museum. I was
finally able to meet his granddaughter Rhoda Knight Kalt.She is a very warm
and gracious person. She gave a talk about growing up at the American Museum
of Natural History, and her impressions of her grandfather. ( Kind, but a
little eccentric.)
    The most amazing thing about Knight, was that he was legally blind, and
was able to produce one masterpiece after another.There where people there
from all around the Southwest who attended the openhouse, including a few
different  types of artists.
    We met a highly successful, hearing impaired potter, who had been
greatly influenced by Charles Knight. He signed to us, that he thought that
Knight was one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.
    If anyone is going to be visiting Maricopa County, Arizona, in the next
few months, the "Tiger and Peacock" painting is worth the price of admission
alone. The lighting techniques and the look in the tigers eyes, are breath
taking. I was also surprised at how large the original painting is. It is
about five by 3 1/2 feet.

Cliff Green

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> The Knight website has been recently updated. The initial image has become
> gallery of multiple images . Just click to enlarge, then go back and a new
> artwork will appear.
>        Important information on the new tour is there also. Now at the
> Museum, the tour will go across the country. Included is Knight's
> "Tiger and Peacock", illustrated here. Knight was a compulsive decorator
> his painting of "Manchurian Tiger Hunters' shown here shows this off well.
> did a sculpture of the same scene that rivals anything Barye ever did.
Worth a
> look.
>        http://www.charlesrknight.com/
>        Also included in the show are a series of landscapes Knight painted
> along the rivers and palm hummocks of Florida. As far as I know they've
> been published, which is quite unfortunate. They are jewels. One expects a
> Uintathere to stumble into the sun at any time.
>        If you haven't yet visited the other Knight website at the AMNH,
> certainly should. Takes a while to load, but worth it. The only place you
> see Knight's first restoration, Elotherium, from 1894. DV
>        http://paleo.amnh.org/artwork/knight/index.html