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Amygdalodon addendum

In the re-description of the type material of _Amygdalodon patagonicus_, Rauhut (2003) mentions a curious plate-like bone fragment that Cabrera (1947) originally interpreted as a partial scapula. The bone fragment is rather flat and rectangular (and in overall shape bears a vague resemblence to the state of Connecticut). Two of the edges are real and the other two broken. One side of the element is convex, the other concave and has a slender, broken-off piece of bone attached to it.

According to Rauhut, the element does not even belong to a sauropod, much less _Amygdalodon_, and he lists it as Vertebrata indet. But I wonder: could it be a fragment of dermal armor belonging to _Amygdalodon_?


Rauhut, O. (2003). Revision of _Amygdalodon patagonicus_ Cabrera, 1947 (Dinosauria, Sauropoda). Mitteilungen aus dem Museum fuer Naturkunde in Berlin: Geowissenschaftliche Reihe 6:173-181.

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