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Evolution of endothermy!

Two articles discuss whether endothermy evolved as a reproductive
strategy (faster/more effective embryogenesis) or for increased locomotor
The first--Angilletta, MJ, and MW Sears 2003 Is Parental Care the Key to
Understanding Endothermy in Birds and Mammals. _The American Naturalist_.
162 #6 (821-825)--argues against the hypothesis, while Farmer, GC 2003
Reproduction: The Adaptive Significance of Endothermy. _The American
Naturalist_. 162 #6 (826-834)--argues for it.
Well worth the read.  I find Farmer's arguments more compelling, and well
supported by multiple lines of evidence, primarily that it is used for
reproduction in multiple lineagesthat are not otherwise endothermic, that
it is "cheaper" in risk than provisioning which was nevertheless selected
for; and that it is very effective in making top quality embryos at a fast rate.