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RE: Ice Sheets Caused Massive Sea Level Change During Late Cretaceous

Quoting Daniel Bensen <dbensen@bowdoin.edu>:

> >>The ice sheets would not have reached the Antarctic coast, explaining
> the relative warmth in Antarctica, but still could significantly alter
> global sea level.<<
> Wait a second, so we have non-coastal glaciers just sort of sitting in
> the middle of Antarctica and absorbing enough atmospheric water to
> significantly alter the global sea level?  And they were ephemeral?  So
> that's X-thousand tons of ice forming and then melting in about six
> months?
> Either something's not right here, or Antarctica was a really crappy
> place to live 65 million years ago.

I think you've misunderstood the "ephemeral" bit. If what you've said were 
factual there would be an enormous litoralian area in every continent which 
would be revealed by the sedimentology of those formations and noted a long 
time ago... Ephemeral here should be comprehended as "lasting a few thousands 
or ten thousands of years" 

Renato Santos