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Re: World's 'largest dinosaur' found (with crocs & fish)

Only if you believe that the presence of crocs and tutlres alongside of 
Allosaurus bones (Marsh Quarry; Dinosaur National Monument, etc.) means that 
Allosaurus was aquatic. 

Remember that where you are buried does not necessarily mean where you lived.

Ken Carpenter

>>> <zone65@bigpond.com> 03/01/04 18:58 PM >>>

On Tuesday, March 2, 2004, at 05:02  AM, Garrison Hilliard wrote:

> "The presence of crocodiles and fish with the dinosaur will give us a 
> much
> better idea of what the ecosystems of that era were like in the area 
> of Teruel
> and, by extension, on the Iberian peninsula and the continent of 
> Eurasia," said
> Mr Alcala.

Could this be yet more evidence for the (at least semi-) aquatic 

Peter Markmann