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Re: World's 'largest dinosaur' found (with crocs & fish)

Peter Markmann
Could this be yet more evidence for the (at least semi-) aquatic sauropod?

Quoting Ken Carpenter:
Remember that where you are buried does not necessarily mean where you lived.

What I'd like to suggest is fossilization conditions. Is it not true that any prehistoric creature has to be in "just the right place" and at "just the right time" to be fossilized? And so it is likely that these "near water" finds are more likely fossilized due to their locations being "right place, right time?" Whereas some locations may not be "right place, right time" yet still inhabited by Prehistoric animals?
I was just wondering if this was taken into consideration when the idea of "Possible Aquatic Sauropods" was brought up.

Tommy Bradley

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