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Dinosaur Park


I have been busy with school projects lately, and so have done nothing but 
lurk for the past two months.
I am working on a project on the Dinosaur Park Formation for school.  I was 
wondering if anyone could name any works which I could consult as to the 
environment and climate of this and the adjacent regions; some 
paleogeographical maps would also be appreciated and valued.  Also, is the 
following an accurate list of the non-avian dinosaur genera found in 
Dinosaur Park?
Theropods     Ornithischians
Chirostenotes     Brachylophosaurus
Daspletosaurus     Centrosaurus
Dromaeosaurus     Chasmosaurus
Dromiceiomimus     Corythosaurus
Gorgosaurus     Edmontonia
Ornithomimus     Euoplocephalus
Saurornitholestes   Gryposaurus
Struthiomimus     Lambeosaurus
Troodon             Microcephale
Avimimid     Panoplosaurus
Therizinosaur     Prosaurolophus
Finally, I was wondering from what formation the tyrannosaurid FMNH PR 308 
comes from.  Has there been anything published as to what known genus, if 
any, it belongs?
Thanks very much.

-Andrew McDonald