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Re: Mountain dinosaurs

we will never know - not without a time machine, which would probably work off 
a perpetual motion machine ;-)

>>> <zone65@bigpond.com> 03/02/04 19:16 PM >>>

On Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at 01:11  PM, Ken Carpenter wrote:

>       There is no doubted that there were mountain-dwelling dinosaurs 
> since life invades any suitable place. Yet, for the most part, we will 
> never know who these dinosaurs are because mountains are areas of 
> erosion, not deposition. The right place at the right time holds true 
> over geologic time, although not necessarily for shorter intervals. 
> For example, mammoth bones have been found in the high mountains 
> regions of Colorado. But since these mountains are eroding, in a few 
> million years all trace of these mammoths are likely to disappear.
> Ken

This is the greatest bummer of them all, of course...

Could the dinosaurs we know also have been mountain dwellers, or is 
that just something else we'll never be able to conclude?

Peter M