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Re: New(ish) paper II

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Finally, there's this assertion about WAIR, from the 'Splat!' File
> "Were it not for what we have described as flutter-gliding, to soften 
> impacts on landing, an accelerating vertical climb and subsequent fall would 
> confer limited survival and evolutionary fitness."  In other words, in the 
> author's view WAIR says that pro-avians ran up vertical surfaces until they 
> ran out of steam, then fell back down to the ground again with a (painful) 
> thud.  It's amazing that partridges haven't gone extinct.  Perhaps young 
> partridges habitually wear crash helmets.

Or are they just saying that what goes up must come down? Like, okay, you got
up the tree using WAIR ... now how are you gonna get down?? (It's not phrased
clearly, unless I'm missing something from the context.)

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