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Re: New(ish) paper II

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > > _Microraptor_ is called a troodontid.
> >
> > Must have listened to Jean-Pierre D'Amour. ;-)
> Nononooo! Only the skull of the holotype belongs to a troodontid. =8-)

Really?  What about the mandibles preserved with CAGS 20-7-004 (Hwang et
al., 2002)?  Shouldn't they be troodontid too?

> > Oh good!  Someone's finally studied the femoral head and acetabulum to
> > determine their range of motion. ;-)
> Does the paper mention any e-mail addresses? I wanna ask them! :->

Yup.  Charles A. Long can be reached at clong@uwsp.edu

> > Their phylogenetic hypothesis seems very confused, reminding one of
> Feduccia
> > (2002).
> Oh, or of BCF, before it was managed to convince Olshevsky was not a
> theropod.

Nah, George's phylogeny has always been explicit and fairly standard within
Theropoda (including Aves), excepting the central lineage of tiny acronomic
gliders.  And Longisquama was a basal theropod, not an ancestor of birds and
As an illustration of the dfferences between Olshevsky's (1994) and
Feduccia's 2002 hypotheses-

`--+--aquatic archosaurs
      |  `--Crocodilia
               |  `--+--Prosauropoda
               |     `--+--Segnosauria
               |        |--unarmored Ornithischia
               |        `--armored Ornithischa
                  `--+--primitive Dinosauria
                     |  |--Spinosauridae
                     |  `--Abelisauria
                              |  |--Dromaeosauridae
                              |  `--Enantiornithes
                                       |  `--advanced theropod groups
                                          `--+--primitive Carinatae

|==basal archosauromorphs
   |?=some "theropods"
   |?=some "dinosaurs"
   |  `--+--true non-theropod dinosaurs, if they exist
   |     `--Theropoda
   |        |?-Herrerasauridae
   |        |--Coelophysoidea
   |        |--Carnosauria
   |        |--Sinosauropteryx
   |        |--+--Ornithomimosauria
   |        |  `--Alvarezsauridae
   |        |--NOT BIRDS
   |        |?-Oviraptorosauria
   |        `?-+--Troodontidae
   |           `--dromaeosaurs
   |              |--dromaeosaurs preserved without feathers
   |              |?-Cryptovolans
   |              `?-Microraptor
         |--+?-dromaeosaurs preserved without feathers
         |  |--Crytovolans
         |  `--Microraptor
            |  `?-Oviraptorosauria

Mickey Mortimer