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re: New(ish) paper

Quoting from  

Charles A. Long, G. P. Zhang, Thomas F. George & Claudine F. Long. (2003) 
Physical theory, origin of flight, and a synthesis proposed for birds.  
Journal of Theoretical Biology 224: 9-26.

T. Williamns wrote:

>From the 'Here We Go Again' File:

"_Longisquama_ possessed feather-like epidermal extensions of several kinds. 
These included some on the postaxial forelimbs that closely resemble flight 
feathers. The feathers seem homologous with bird feathers, which is perhaps 
not true (Alan Feduccia, pers. comm.; also see [Zhang and Zhou (2000]) of 
so-called feathers of the small dinosaurs (their filaments may not be 
derived from scales as are true feathers). The feather-like structures of 
_Longisquama_ suggest that birds may not be descended from the hypothesized 
small theropod dinosaurs after all, but from an archosaurian glider that 
perhaps gave rise later to some feathered forms with bipedal locomotion."


Curious about the Longisquama postaxial forelimb extradermal stuff, which I 
also saw [but maybe not the same thing] and showed at the Burpee Paleofest. Any 
pictures or drawings?

Just to avoid confusion and entrapment, such membranes would not be feather 
homologs, IMHO, but ptero wing membrane homologs, complete with aktinofibrils 
and a big finger to frame them. Jpegs available to interested parties.

David Peters
St. Louis