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Re: From Oliver Rauhut - Re: Amygdalodon addendum

Oliver Rauhut wrote, forwarded by Tim Williams

<Wouldn´t think so. It doesn´t look like any dinosaur dermal armour I´ve
ever seen and would be awefully big for any of the sauropods represented
by the material of Amygdalodon. It kind of looks like part of a plate of a
large turtle, maybe with a rib attachment on the interior side, though
Marcelo de la Fuente could not identify it as any turtle element. Another
possibility might be part of a plesiosaur pectoral girdle (parts of the
section are marine), but again, Zulma Gasparini saw it and couldn´t think
of any plesiosaur bone that looks like that. The bone thus remains a
mystery and can only be referred to as vertebrata indet.>

  Maybe not that far back, as it is unlikely a fish had such a large plate
of curved bone. However, would it be possibly a portion of iliac or othe
pelvic plate with curvature of "bowling" or "cupping" of the surface?
Adhered bone can be artefactual, and thus not naturally a part of the
element. It needn't be sauropodan either, but ankylosaurian, etc.


Jaime A. Headden

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