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DINOSAURNEWS - Louse Reveals last Meal * Dinosaurs at Burke Museum * The Yolk Curio * Italian Dino Park * Giants from Africa * Impact Theory Challenged Again

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.
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**  Alta Murgia becomes national park
Of particular relevance are also the cultural and historic aspects, such as
the "Cave of Dinosaurs" of Altamura, home to a very rich paleontological
area which dates back to about 70 million years ago, in which 30,000
dinosaur footprints were discovered

**  Feature Site: The PalArch site from The Netherlands
The Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science will release the first
issue of a new web-based journal PalArch.nl; this will be celebrated with a
small symposium 'Dinosaurs, mummies and river dunes'. We invite you to
attend the official release at Saturday 3 April 2004 in the Auditorium of
Teylers Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands

**  Dinosaur impact theory challenged
New data suggests the Chicxulub crater in Mexico, supposedly created by the
collision, predates the extinction of the dinosaurs by about 300,000 years


**  Giants from Africa: Foliage of dinosaur days surrounds Sereno
discoveries in conservatory
Chicago palaeontologist Paul Sereno has discovered some unusual-looking
dinosaurs in his day, but nothing like "Daliraptor" or "Giacomettisaurus."

**  Fossil louse reveals last meal
A fossilised louse that lived in the plumage of birds 44 million years ago
has been found with the preserved remains of feathers in its gut

**  Walk with the dinosaurs at Burke Museum show
Watch as professional dinosaur illustrator Mark Orson draws some of the
gentle and not-so-gentle giants

**  The Yolk Curio
They have been insisting for years that Balasinore had dinosaur fossils, but
scientists would just ask them the way to Rahioli, the world-renowned
dinosaur hatchery and graveyard

**  Architects chosen for $35 million expansion of Dinosaur Hall
The $35 million expansion and renovation will use the museum's world-class
collections to create state-of-the-art exhibits that interpret the
environments of the dinosaurs' respective time periods

**  UC Riverside Graduate Student Along on Antarctica Trip That Resulted in
New Dinosaur Find
Robert Meredith, who is earning his Ph.D. at UCR, said no one was actually
looking for dinosaurs

**  Tracking Dinosaur Origins: The Triassic/Jurassic Terrestrial Transition

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