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Re: taking a fall

>Concerning the pretty much untestable idea that Tyrannosaurus was so 
>big that it would be at excessive risk if it dared run too fast, I 
>was struck by the photo on p. 112 of the March Natl Geo. Shows a 
>mountain goat on a vertical cliff with a looooong way to go if it 
>missteps by just an inch or two. Talk about your extreme lifestyle, 
>a fast running Tyrannosaurus would be a conservative risk taker in 
>comparison. Would like to see how the risk factor could be 
>calculated if cliff climbing ungulates were known only from fossils. 
>Mountain goats do occasionally fall and die, and no doubt running 
>Tyrannosaurus did too, but life is dangerous. 
>G Paul

Same deal with gibbons, I should think. Just think if one missed a 
branch . . . But they do it anyway.

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