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Re: more Dinosaur Park

You can see a photo of a composite cast skeletal mount of
_Saurornitholestes_ at
http://www.adb.ne.jp/dinosaur/Carnivorous_dinosaur.htm.  Click on the image
for a larger photo.  You can see such reconstructions on display at the
Museum of the Rockies and the Old Trail Museum in Montana, and (if I
understand the implications of the web page I refer you to) possibly also at
the Royal Tyrell Museum.

A published photo of a _Saurornitholestes_ mount can be perused in Jack
Horner's 2001 book, _Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky_, which also gives a good
basic overview of the animals that inhabited the same ecosystem as
_Saurornitholestes_ in the Santonian, 85 to 80 million years ago, in what is
now the Middle Two Medicine Formation.  The book also includes "depositional
feature" maps of Montana during various ages, sketches of various dinosaur
elements, and photographs of Cretaceous fossils from Montana.

_Bambiraptor_ is rather similar to _Saurornitholestes_ (and also inhabited
the same general environment) in some respects, so this may help with
restoring the latter.  There is a thumbnail skeletal reconstruction next to
the brief entry for _Saurornitholestes_, but it appears to be _Troodon_, so
you should not rely on it.

I was very pleased to see these exceptionally bird-like theropod mounts at
the two museums in Montana when I toured the American West last summer.  The
Old Trail Museum mount appears to be the more detailed of the two.
Unfortunately, the casts are very dark, so photos of the skeletons are a bit
hard to make out.  The book refers MOR 660 to "_Saurornitholestes sp.
(species undescribed)."

"Dino Guy" Ralph W. Miller III
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
proud member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
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> Andrew McDonald wrote-
> > Could anyone send me or tell me where to find current skeletal
> > reconstructions of Saurornitholestes, Panoplosaurus, and Centrosaurus?
> > Could anyone send me or tell me where to find illustrations of the skull
> > material of Hanssuesia (perhaps a pdf of the paper), Microcephale (not
> > formally described), and Chasmosaurus russeli?
> A skeletal reconstruction of Saurornitholestes doesn't exist to my
> knowledge, nor do any illustrations of "Microcephale".
> Mickey Mortimer