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I answered your many questions about "Let's count 3 Energy balance I'
therefore I can follow my serie.

Let's count 3 Energy balance II
 I finished the 'Let's count 3 Energy balance I' with the following:
"The plus energy of the object upon these three component is around 4e18

For what is enough this energy?

This energy is able
- to produce around 270 Gt surplus SO2 or 670 Gt surplus CO2 or 130 Gt
surplus water vapour or
- to push back 320 Gt part of the extraterrestrial object with 5 km/s
velocity or the total object with 2 km/s.

Naturally it can imagine the combination of these, too.

Let's count 4 Effects of surplus materials I


What can cause maximum 630 Gt (630 km3) surplus water in the atmosphere?

If this is falling down at once then it cause a 1.2 mm high water-layer on
Earth. This is so many as the rain is in one day.

This is negligible low quantity.

In the next time I will write the possible effects of the other products to
the climate of Earth.

Endre Simonyi