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Re: taking a fall

GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> Talk about your extreme lifestyle, a fast running Tyrannosaurus would be a 
> conservative
> risk taker in comparison.

On the last episode of "Big Cat Diaries" here in Australia, they showed
wilderbeest crossing a river. Hundreds of them drowned, and many of them
leapt off of near-vertical banks in order to get into the river itself.
The presenter mentioned that such daring leaps down several metres are
not the sort of risks you'd expect wilderbeest to usually take. Then
again, most sane wilderbeest wouldn't plunge into croc-infested rivers
unless the outcome was worth the risk.

The herd was crossing the river to get to new grazing land, so obviously
their unwillingness to die of starvation was enough of an impetus for
them to take such risks. I suspect the same applied to tyrannosaurs.
Hunting is a risky business anyway (regardless of whether you trip or
not), but most risks are worth taking to avoid starvation.


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