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re: Ctenochasma

> David Peters wrote:
> .....
> Pterodactyloidea ? Pteranodon > Quetzalcoatlus
> 24. Narial and antorbital fenestrae confluent.
> I used to believe this old saw until I took a much closer look at the
> situation. The naris and AOF are not confluent in the new ctenochasmatid
> that Chris Bennett is studying. It's big enough to clearly discern. Get
> closer and you'll find the same situation in other ctenochasmatids and
> azhdarchids.

The specimen of Ctenochasma that I am describing most certainly does have
confluent naris and antorbital fenestra.  There is no trace of a 'secondary
naris" or whatever Peters imagines he sees on his computer.  Get closer?  I
stared at that specimen for hours and hours through a microscope--any closer
and I would have been licking the thing, which I suspect Rupert Wild would
not have appreciated.

Ironic, it was Rupert who confirmed the observation. 

I look forward to your report.

David Peters
St. Louis