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Re: Dilophosaurus and Scelidosaurus help

Anthony pichler wrote-

> I'm new to the list and would welcome anyone's help with the following
information.  I'm interested in
> completing a new piece of artwork which may encompass both Dilophosaurus
wetherilli and Scelidosaurus.  > The information I've turned up thus far
details both dinosaurs' remains in the Kayenta Formation in Arizona > in the
early Jurassic period.  Before I get to far into the concept of this piece,
would it be realistic to portray > these two dinosaurs together ???

As far as I know, the records of Scelidosaurus from the Kayenta Formation
are limited to three dermal scutes (Padian, 1989).  As for how definite
their referral to Scelidosaurus is, I'm not certain.

Mickey Mortimer