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RE: Phil Bigelow's Dinosaur Listservice

Actually, when I saw the subject name in the original message, I thought
that Phil had set up his own Dino List - as a few others have done in
the past.  I thought that Chris was merely informing us about this - and
assumed that Phil was being overly modest.  Oh, well...

Mickey M. - to be honest, neither one of them are worse than the other.
They both need to lighten-up.

To Phil:  I didn't think that Chris and Dave and Dave were hogging the
DML or were squabbling in too personal a manner.  I think that you
were/are too sensitive about this.  Hopefully, _I_ won't upset you too
much. :-)

To Chris:  I wish that you would re-think your decision to unsubscribe.
You have been an invaluable resource to many people on this list.  

To Mickey R. & Mary K. - I hope you will allow this minor digression
from dinosaurs for the moment.


Allan Edels  
(yes, I'm still on the list - even if I haven't posted much in the last
several [!]  months.....)

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So, who's worse?
The person who can't stand some (IMHO amusing) sarcasm and feels the
need to
write a valued listmember about it to complain?
Or the valued listmember who is petty enough to unsubscribe for such a
Hmm... tough call.

Mickey Mortimer