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Re: Phil Bigelow's Dinosaur Listservice (long and PASSIONATE)

At 09.31 09/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:

From: "Allan Edels" <
> To Chris:  I wish that you would re-think your decision to unsubscribe.
> You have been an invaluable resource to many people on this list.

Aspidel added:

I think

I would say:

I share these thoughts, any word of them. Please Chris, do not unsubscribe.
It would be too sad to miss such brilliant and competent people from the list. A list is a forum for discussion, sharing knowledge and mutual exchange of information and help. Personally, while considering dinosaurs interesting, they are of little relevance for my research, instead, I find the extension of the subjects to non-strictly-dinosaur-related topics of the utmost usefulness for me. I followed the Peters-Unwin-Bennett discussion with great interest and personally I think that David response was humorous, perhaps a bit sarcastic, but neither offensive nor a squabble, the same applies to Chris follow up. Their comment are legitimate replies. In my very humble opinion, if a thread is consistent with the aims of the list and messages are respectful, that thread has its own right to stay there and go on. And some joke/ humorous reply is welcome. Lots of messages are meaningless for me, but surely they are useful to others. But I have no complaints about that. If I had, however, I would unsusbscribe myself, not chase off others. I fear that such incidents (sorry no better word came to my Italian thinking mind) may cause a shrinking of the number subscribers and consequently, a drop in the diversity, usefulness and significance of the list itself. That would be sad.

Please now don't chase me off for my posting ;-)

                                        Silvio Renesto


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