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Re: Taxa nomy?

> Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 00:15:56 +1100
> From: zone65@bigpond.com
> I'm still not quite clear on this - supposedly, the concept of
> Linnaean taxonomy is out and cladistics is in... but I keep seeing
> 'genus' and 'species' bandied about, as well as 'taxa'. And nobody
> actually says 'class' anymore, but the distinctions 'mammal',
> 'reptile' 'amphibian' and 'bird' are used with gay abandon (only
> now, 'bird' is a sub...  thingy of 'reptile'). So, what really
> gives?

Peter and anyone else who's lost in this particular maze,

Please see the dinosaur FAQ at
and particularly the (long) section on classification.  This is the
fruit of my having gone through exactly the same issues you're
wrestling with now; I wrote down the answers I got in what is
hopefully and easy-to-digest form.


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