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Re: Taxa nomy?

> > Forgive me for the amateur question, but if species were abandoned how
> > would a new organism be labelled?

As a clade.

> So for example, to the extent that there are no known monophyletic
> subdivisions of the specimens we know as Microraptor gui, we can call this
> the LITU microraptor (or whatever). If they were ever discovered to form
> monophyletic subgroups, "microraptor" is shifted to a capitalized
"Microraptor", and
> the smaller subdivisions get new, lower-case LITU names.

*M. gui* and *M. zhaoianus* do seem to be monophyletic. They are therefore
good candidates for LITUs -- the difference to species is that the names
would have be defined as clade names, and that we wouldn't have to worry
about the 25 or so species concepts. :-)