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Dinosaur Trackway


My colleague and I are currently undertaking a study of a dinosaur
trackway as undergraduates in the Department of Geology at the
University of Durham, UK, but have reached somewhat of a full-stop in
our analysis and identification of the trackmaker, due mainly to
difficulties in finding literature relevant to our sample. Below is a brief 
description of the trackway, and photos of the sample can be found at the 
following address:


If anyone could point us in the direction of some references that might be 
relevant to the trackway, we would be extremely grateful.

Description: The trackway consists of approximately 10 tridactyl prints,
the first 5 of which are clear, plantigrade tracks, with a comparatively
large imprinted section emerging from the rear, which we have
interpreted to be part of the metapodium (average length of whole prints
around 130mm). There are clear striations leading into each of these
tracks, which we are currently speculating are either marks left by
slippage of the trackmaker or tail-marks. At the moment we are leaning
towards identifying the dinosaur as an ornithopod, based upon
similarities to two prints shown on page 90 and 91 of Thulborn (Dinosaur
Tracks, 1991), illustrating tracks made by Anomoepus scambus and
Moyenisauropus natator respectively. Preliminary calculations have indicated 
that the height of the trackmaker is around 300mm, although the poor 
preservation of most of the tracks has made this analysis difficult.

Any comments, advice and/or references welcome.

Many thanks,

Andrew Richmond and Lewis Green,
University of Durham,
Department of Geology.

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