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Re: Paleogeography

equinox28@msn.com (Andrew McDonald) asks:

   <<  I read "Walking With Dinosaurs" in its entirety for the first time 
today, and I did not recognize several place names, such as Eromanga Sea, 
Borborema, and Mogollon Highlands.  The bibliography lists the "Atlas of 
Mesozoic and Cenozoic Coastlines" as a source.  Are all these geographic 
names found in this work?  If not, is there an authoritative source for 
paleogeographic localities and names? >>

       Go to www.google.com and plug them in.
       Also be sure to read _Walking With Dinosaurs: The Evidence_ by Dave 
Martill and our own Darren Naish. It's an excellent book, although getting 
rapidly dated (like me). You can get a copy at Amazon.com for $2.10. With 
like that you know Darren is in Fat City. DV