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Re: Paleogeography

Tom H wrote (in response to Andrew McDonald;

>>  If not, is there an authoritative source for
>> paleogeographic localities and names?
>No, there isn't.  There is simply WAY too much paleogeography out there!!
>(Imagine a really complete atlas of the world, and then having that same
>volume for every 1 million  year slice...).
>But, for these particular ones:
>* The Eromanga Sea would have been the epeiric (shallow continental) sea
>that occupied the present Eromanga Basin in southern Australia

Well, most of central and southern Qld, with a bit of the northern edges of
NSW and South Australia.  Be aware, however, that the Eromanga Basin (the
largest basin in the Great Artesian Basin 'complex') is a structure, and was
not formed during a single e.g. transgressive event....which is also true of
many other basins.  The problem with using it to name a Sea is, which of
four to six trangressive events that it preserves are you wishing to name?
Or are you wanting to name all of them the same thing?  If the latter, then
I suppose the name is fine - if, however, you're trying to specify a
particular one of these seas then perhaps it is not so good.

Out of interest, is it common pratice in palaeogeography to name things like
epicontinental seas for the structures rather than particular events?  Or
should each trangression get it own name?

Note also that several of the trangressions that flooded the Eromanga Basin
also covered the other basins of the GAB, i.e. the Surat and the
Carpenteria.  Eromanga itself is a tiny little dot on the map about halfway
between Brisbane and the SW corner of Qld - I don't know if it's just the
name for a station, or whether it actually constitutes a township (haven't
been through it yet).  These days it sports a reasonably sized natural gas


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