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Re: Taxa nomy (and intro)

--- SeanSt8579@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 3/11/04 11:46:01 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
> david.marjanovic@gmx.at writes:
> << Oh yes, it has such problems, because it requires that every species is
> put
>  in a genus. For example, it is impossible to assign the ancestor of any two
>  genera to a monophyletic genus. Assign it to one or the other of its
>  descendants, and that genus is then paraphyletic; give it a genus of its
>  own, and that genus is doubly paraphyletic; lump all three into one genus,
>  and you've merely moved the problem. >>
> Hmm...I don't get it.
> Suppose we have some assemblage [(X+Y) + (A + B)], where the letters are 
> species. Why can't I name monophyletic group X + Y Genus1 (with X Genus1
> species1 
> and Y Genus1 species2), and monophyletic group A + B Genus2 -- the whole 
> shabang put into a family?

You're forgetting the ancestors. All four species are descended from one
ancestral species; what Genus does that go into?

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